The Tools You Need To Replace a Broken iPhone Screen

One of the most unnecessary and frustrating things people do with their iPhones is fall for the silly idea that when you break the screen or casing that the phone is no good. They go and buy a new one, and we all know that’s a pretty penny to throw away. The fact is much of the damage that’s commonly done to iPhones is fixable—particularly a broken screen.

A few cheap iPhone repair tools can turn out to the most valuable iPhone 5/5s accessories you’ll ever buy. So if you’re one of the millions who’ve dropped, sat on, tossed, squashed, or stepped on your iPhone this could wind up saving you some big bucks. Let’s take a quick look at super doable iPhone repair and the simple tools you need to get the job done.

4 Simple iPhone Repair Tools

Pentalobe screwdriver

The pentalobe screwdriver is what you need to unscrew the casing. (Pentalobe just means five “lobes”, it refers to the five pointed star shape of the screw). You’ll find two pentalobe screws on the bottom of the phone that will need removing first.

Philips screwdriver

A mini Philips screwdriver (often called a star screwdriver) will be necessary to remove all the screws on the interior of the phone. There are quite a few, so this is a key tool, and it has to be a mini.

Swivel tools (sometimes called spudgers)

A plastic swivel tool will be necessary to pry out all the components from the phone’s interior, (battery, vibrator, camera, connecting tape etc.) making it possible to get to the screen.

Disassembly Suction Cup

This mini suction cup will help you easily remove the screen itself as well as the battery and some other components. It’s super important to be careful when removing these components and all too easy to force it when trying to force them out with your fingers.

To see a great video explaining step by step how to replace the screen and reassemble your phone using these tools check out this pair of videos from our friends at DirectFix. Note the instructions are for an iPhone 4 or 4s but it’s exactly the same for the iPhone 5 & 5s.

Now go out and do yourself a favor, if you’ve had the misfortune of breaking your iPhone screen don’t go out and buy a new phone, just buy these few simple tools!

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